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If you do it right, it will last forever — M.Vignelli

What it is

Lablacklist is a place dedicated to the best. A very restricted club that index all the best in their domain. It is not another award website or social platform. We aim to motivate people to do great things; to stand out.


This feed is curated by Nicolas Solerieu & Eva Longchamp.

The reason

LaBlacklist is a response to all the awards websites, showcase, social networks. Because their is too much of these we wanted to create something different. A place where only your URL and a description stands.

But we didn’t wanted to create some kind of website showcase… we wanted something more unique. Something that inspires us.

This is it — if you are here you are doing things right. If not, keep it up and we’ll come when we hear from your work.

We value hard work, dedication, style


This selection is arbitrary and based on our preferences. If you want your work to be removed from here, just ask... No copyrights, just be cool... we just want to share good stuff. This is not a business, just fun and ideas.